Vol. 1 No. 2 (2024)
Community Stories

La Chanson Du Riel: A Story of Métis History and Relations

Carly Lawton
University of Winnipeg

Published 2024-06-21 — Updated on 2024-06-28



  • oral history,
  • relationships,
  • french,
  • Metis,
  • cultural connections,
  • relationality
  • ...More

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Lawton, C. (2024). La Chanson Du Riel: A Story of Métis History and Relations. Pawaatamihk: Journal of Métis Thinkers, 1(2), 166–170. https://doi.org/10.36939/pawaatamihk/vol1no2/art65 (Original work published June 21, 2024)


This is a story about Métis relations, oral history, and Louis Riel, however, I would not have this story to share if not for Ron Burwash, his grandma, his family, and their Métis relations; therefore it is also a story about them. Kichi kinanaskomitin (big thanks) to Elder Ron Burwash for gifting me with the French and English translation of La Chanson Du Riel and his time in conversation about its history and significance. I will tell the story of Riel’s song as Elder Ron has told it to me. In synthesizing how this song came to me, I will also express the significance and validity of oral history and the importance of intergenerational transmission of history and culture in the Métis context.