About the Journal

In November 2022, our Circle of Editors had the opportunity to visit with Elder Verna DeMontigny and talk about our vision for this journal. During the visit, Verna graciously offered the name Pawaatamihk, which in Michif and Cree roughly translates to “collective dreaming” or “a group of people dreaming.” 

In the same way that dreaming can offer us direction and futures to aspire to, so too will the knowledge that comes through this journal. Simultaneously it is an opportunity to connect to our shared pasts as Métis people, including honoring our ancestors and living relatives whose hard work and dreams have paved the way for our thinking today. We are inspired by the ways that Métis thinkers are building knowledge in many different spaces—within and outside of academia—and dream that this journal will become a nourishing home for Métis thought. Knowledge shared through scholarly papers, visual art, poetry, book reviews, and community stories will be included in each edition. Intentional care will be put toward making space for 2SLGBTQ+ and gender diverse thinkers, scholars at different career stages, and community members not affiliated with academic institutions.