Books for Review

We invite reviews of books on Métis-specific topics relevant to developments in Métis ways of knowing, being, and doing. Book reviews should be a maximum of 1500 words and include a summary of the book's information, a concise overview of themes, and critical analysis of the significance of the work.  

Submissions should include an author biography (100 words) and a community connection statement (200 words). 

We are currently looking for reviewers for the following titles: 

Adese, J., & Andersen, C. (Eds.). (2021). A People and a Nation: New Directions in Contemporary Métis Studies. UBC Press. 

Bouvier, R. (2023). A Beautiful Rebellion. Thistledown Press.  

Dumont, M. (2024). Reclamation and Resurgence: The Poetry of Marilyn Dumont. Wilfrid Laurier University Press 

Fiola, C. (2021). Returning to ceremony: Spirituality in Manitoba Métis communities. Univ. of Manitoba Press. 

Forsythe, L. & Markides, J. (2024). Around the Kitchen Table: Métis Aunties' Scholarship. Univ. of Manitoba Press.

Oster, B. (2021). Stories of Métis women: Tales my kookum told me. Durvile & UpRoute Books. 

Porter, M. (2023) A Grandmother Begins the Story. Penguin Random House.   

Vermette, K. (2023). The Circle. Penguin Random House.