Vol. 1 No. 1 (2023)
Scholarly Papers from the Circle of Editors

Steering through Métis Feminism

Lindsay DuPré
University of Victoria
Lucy Fowler
University of Manitoba
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Published 2023-09-29 — Updated on 2023-10-04


  • Métis feminism,
  • Indigenous feminism,
  • knowledge production,
  • heteropatriarchy

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DuPré, L., & Fowler, L. (2023). Steering through Métis Feminism. Pawaatamihk: Journal of Métis Thinkers, 1(1), 134–150. https://doi.org/10.36939/pawaatamihk/vol1no1/art36


Indigenous feminisms are concerned with addressing power imbalances particularly at the intersections of sexism, racism and colonialism. These lived, felt and flesh-based theories allow for more contextualized analyses of women’s lives and help us to dream and realize more just ways of being in relation. The experiences of Métis women, trans, and Two-Spirit people are not disconnected from the experiences of people in other Indigenous nations; however, how sexism, racism and colonialism intersect in Métis communities is distinct in many ways. This article celebrates diverse sites of knowledge production, contributing new ideas to the constellation of Métis feminist texts we live (and dream) daily. The article discusses the need for a Métis-specific articulation and actioning of feminism that responds to the patriarchal oppression taking place within settler societies and within our own communities.